Course 1: RYM "At Last There's Hope"

Establishing Hope—

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* Overview of Our 30-Day RYM At Last There's Hope!

Course 1: RYM "At Last There's Hope" LINKS

RYM "What I Learned Form"

We want to begin by THANKING each of the women who finished their course, then sponsored another woman. By you paying it forward it continues to allow us to offer our courses for FREE.  Thank you!

Also a special thanks to our partners who faithfully tithe to RMI, their storehouse, which not only keeps each of them safe from the devourer having permission to steal from them, but what also allows us to continue expanding our ministry—never falling short of resources to offer hurting and desperate women for FREE.


After you've read each lesson (below), as soon as you are ready to make this commitment to the LORD, sit down, grab your coffee or tea, and journal what you're learning in each WIL form.

By CLICKING on the LINK you're agreeing with His Word, and are ready to document this part of your Restoration Journey in the "What I Learned" form.

Note: Often the enemy will steal what you've written to wear you out, especially before you've learned about the protection of tithing to your storehouse. So to make sure, because we are not ignorant to the enemy's schemeswe encourage you to write and pour out your heart into an email, send it to yourself (as a backup), and THEN paste what you've written into the forms.


Join the Victory!

Restoration Journeys are not a spectator sport!
Journal by pouring your heart out 
and into your Lesson Forms every DAY!

Do just *ONE LESSON a day so that (like medicine or antibiotics) each of His principles has time to do what it needs to do: 

    • Too many lessons at one time not only does NO good—but can actually cause you to miss the benefits. 

    • Waiting too far in between also is harmful because it allows for the ways of the world to enter back into your mind and heart.


SUNDAY INTRODUCTION: RYM Intro: Michelle's Testimony